DRR’s Newsletter Midterm Issue (2022 – 2023)

Dearest reader,


We have taken on a lot this year and I believe we have improved significantly as Clubs, and as Rotaractors. This time of year we begin to really focus on what we are thankful fort the people and moments that make us truly grateful.

I am extremely thankful for all of you, our readers. You inspire us to continue to do what we love through your involvement in sharing articles, social media and other avenues and that is what keeps us motivated. We hope you will continue to enjoy the Insight Newsletter and make a difference in our communities and world.

Enjoy this season with your loved ones, and make sure to reflect on all the things that make you thankful and give out a gift that will keep giving all year by helping the less privileged around you for it’s the smallest gestures and traditions of Christmas that shine brightly enough to light up our spirits and fuel our humanity. The sharing of feasts with loved ones and strangers should remind us most urgently of the need to give and serve those who have less.

December is Disease Prevention and Treatment month to which we bring you insights on Ebola and how best to fight it. Judith N. questions our reasons for giving, while Solomon A. and Elizabeth N remind of the importance of boundaries. We introduce to new columns; on Rotary travel experiences and on fitness in Rotaract. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did putting it together.

We all need to indulge in the frenzy of the holidays season and remember it is supposed to be festive; Holidays should be fun. Enjoy.

Editor in chief

Joseph Y. Matovu