DRR’s Newsletter July 2022

Dear Amazing Reader,

This Rotary year marks the beginning of an interesting and interactive year of Elevate Rotaract. It is going to be different and exciting as well because we have new and Amazing leadership- I mean, who does not like change. One of the most interesting things about leadership is that we all bring something to the table so we should not wait to be asked before we can engage.

District 9213 is a successful and vibrant district because we put a lot of effort in whatever we do, we have courage, endurance, patience, humor, flexibility, resourcefulness, a keen sense of reality and the ability to keep a cool head even in the face of adversity, this is what makes us thrive.

As we dive into this issue of The Insight, let us remember to Imagine Rotary, and create Amazing moments as we unite and take action to create lasting change. Let us find common ground and make an effort to grow and continue nurturing relationships among ourselves, Clubs and the communities we serve.

Remember, every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end so let us be positive, provide support, focus, take risks, and make efforts to connect with the world.

Editor in chief

Joseph Y. Matovu