DRR’s Newsletter (August 2022)

August is membership and extension month, so what better way to achieve this goal than by getting out of our comfortable spaces and connecting with people around us. Personal relationships will help you achieve success, this is a thing that is common for us all whether you are a world class CEO, celebrity or even those just looking to impress the pretty girl sitting next to them. Our brain is apparently an entity ruled by a series of basic needs, sociability being one of them and so, in our daily lives, whenever we meet people that fascinate or inspire us, our brains light up and this is a good thing. This issue, we bring you a discussion on Making the Most of Your Membership coupled with an inspiring article on being hyper productive, two areas that are largely linked in growing and improving club performance. I think what makes each of us unique is the fact that we are all different, so imagine if you could tap into each person’s uniqueness, we would have better service and open doors you didn’t even know existed and a handful of these connections will influence some parts of our lives. So be genuine, find common ground, make a good first impression and add value to other people’s lives and at the end of the day it will be worth it when your relationships work for you.

Editor in chief
Joseph Y. Matovu